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Aquilla Nummus Ltd is a boutique asset management firm licenced by CySEC, license number 345/17, targeting the following market segments:

  • High Net Worth Individuals

  • Professional Clients
  • Institutional Clients

Welcome to
Aquilla Nummus Ltd

Target Markets and People:

We aim to capitalise on the expertise of our shareholders and senior management to target clients within the EU region and CIS, namely, mainland Europe, Cyprus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Ukraine, as well as high net worth individuals within North America.

Investment Style and Strategies

We employ unique strategies tailored to suit all our clients’ needs and circumstances. However, we will follow three broad approaches which will be based on the suitability of our clients. The approaches employed will be based on the following profiles of investors:
  • Conservative Portfolios – targeted to risk averse investors
  • Balanced Portfolios – targeted to risk averse investors with medium risk appetites
  • Growth Portfolios – targeted to investors with high risk appetites

Our Aim

We aim to match clients based on their profile, knowledge and expectations to its allocated diverse investment asset allocations with the consideration of limitations set by clients and predefined parameters mutually agreed with clients by our portfolio manager.
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